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The Woodmark Lake is in need of repairs in order to remain as a centerpiece of our community and a fire protection resource for the neighborhood and surrounding area.  The Woodmark Community Association has worked closely with the county to embark on a joint project to repair the lake, dam, and stream below the dam.  Starting in 2020 the community raised the money necessary to get the project approved with the county.
January 2023, the county presented the current state of this project.  The slides presented can be found at the link below.  
The county's summary of this project : 
The Woodmark Stormwater Management Pond is a significant hazard dam along Carroll Mill Road in Howard County. This project will bring the pond embankment, control structure (riser), and outfall to current Maryland Department of the Environment Dam Safety requirements. This project also includes stabilizing and relocating an existing stream that meanders near the toe of the pond embankment. Construction currently planned for Mid-Late Summer 2023. An HOA Community Update Meeting was held on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.
Some key takeaways from this discussion : 
  • Construction is currently planned for Mid-Late Summer 2023 so long as everything goes as scheduled
  • Construction will take place over the course of 8-12 months, Monday to Friday between 7am - 7pm with the exception of some Saturdays if required to stay on schedule.
  • During construction portions of the lake and surrounding property will be off limits to members of the community.  Those areas that are off limits will be fenced in with orange fencing.
  • During construction a portion of the lake will remain intact, with approximately 4 feet of depth, but a majority of the lake will be required to be drained
  • The amount of money that Woodmark is being asked to cover has not changed, and the money that was collected during the fundraising campaign remains in Woodmark's account waiting to be turned over to the county when asked
  • After construction the water level will be approximately 4 inches higher than the current level of the lake
  • Access to the property during the course of the construction will happen from both Carroll Mill Rd and Benson Branch so expect construction equipment and heightened traffic in those areas.
Next Steps for the county (as of January 2023 - we will try to update this list as we hear that these items have been completed) : 
  • Complete final design plans
  • Finalize and execute the deed of easement provided by WCA
  • Obtain all necessary permits
    • MDE Dam Safety – Currently under review
    • MDE – Currently in review
    • Soil Conservation – Preliminary final approval received
    • NOI – Submit upon final signature
  • Advertise project for construction bid and select contractor
  • Provide community notification of anticipated construction start and post signs approximately 30 days prior to start.
  • Stormwater Management funding for FY 24 still needs to be appropriated
  • Construction is anticipated to start FY 24 (August 2023) with an approximate duration of 8-12 months.  
  • For a list of Frequently Asked Questions involving this project - click here
  • For a link to the lake fact sheet - click here
  • For a link to videos showing 3 main issues with the lake that will be repaired - click here (COMING SOON - they are posted to the Woodmark Community Facebook group in the meantime)